At Vidsound Entertainment, our event hosts are musical craftsman that know how to choose, arrange, and play the ideal soundtrack for your celebration. Of course, our knowledge is only made better by your input. After all, this is your event. That's why you have the ability to select songs you'd like played and ones you'd rather have us leave OFF the playlist! Our event hosts can also provide as much, or as little, direction as you'd like. We can be high-energy with VIP introductions, or low-key and in the background. It's all up to you. Just let us know.


Want to infuse some splash into your wedding, event, or celebration? Check out the many enhancements we offer and get ready to create something that is all your own. Is there something you want that you can't find below? Just ask. We'll make it happen.

Custom Intelligent Lighting


Want a club like atmosphere with lights programmed just for your event in colors and patterns that literally “light up” the room? Custom Intelligent Lighting will do all this and more, and can be amped up or made more subtle to enhance the mood of your celebration.


Dancing on the Clouds


Exactly as it sounds, we use a floor-hugging smoke effect to create your own slice of heaven on the dance floor. Perfect for a first dance! And no worries, no harsh chemicals are used that would spoil your party.


Black Light



Out come the white gloves, the lights go down, and boom! The crowd is bathed in blacklight, the music starts to pump, hands go up, and your party pops. We provide the gloves, neon glow products, and the energy. You and your guests have the fun.



Ambient Room Uplighting


There is nothing better for creating a luminous glow and a breathtaking atmosphere then uplighting. With a range of colors and configurations available to fit any theme or style, uplighting is an outstanding way to transform any space.


Dancing in the Snow


Magic happens when snow begins to flutter down from the sky inside your venue! Make a lasting impression with your first dance. An amazing effect for any winter wedding or celebration.





Wow your guests by having a live drummer, saxophonist, or other musician join the party and accompany the already slamming tracks being played by your DJ. This provides an amazing jolt of energy to your celebration and really gets the dance floor pumping.






Your name in lights! Imagine walking into a room filled with your friends and family, and seeing your custom monogram projected onto the floor, announcing that this is indeed your special day.

Dancing Under the Stars


A sky full of twinkling stars appear on the ceiling as you and your guests dance the night away. A unique way to highlight any special moment during your event. 

Snap Pics and

Photo Montage


Why wait to relive all the amazing moments from your wedding or event ? We snap candid photos during your party and project them onto 50 inch flat screens for you to enjoy almost instantly. Or give us your special photos and we will rear project a photo montage onto a 10 foot x10 foot screen at your venue so all your memorable images can live large. 




Add an extra element of fun to any event with our Photo Booth. Your guests can create instant mementos of the celebration that they can take away, while you get a custom scrapbook made just for you by your guests. It's a win-win!